UNA Productions and One Heart Philippines for “ONE HEART. ONE LOVE.” (CLOSED)

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The Satellites, Admiral Peppery and other bands to perform to support this fundraising gig for Ulingan’s Children Medical Funds.
The proceeds from the beneficial concert will be going to the children working in ULINGAN.

Ulingan is a Charcoal Company where people and even minor children make charcoals for a living. It’s a small slum community in TondoManila that sits on a dumpsite and garbages. Members of One Heart Philippines used to visit the slum area to share a little happiness especially to the kids working at a very young age just to survive.  We know how difficult it is working with dust,garbage, rubbish, sea, water, dirt, smelly surroundings, the tropical heat and other pointed objects that can be very dangerous to the health of these people especially the young kids. The whole community only relies on what they can earn from the charcoal factory. This small impoverished squatter community is toxicated with smoke and almost all living in the area suffers from asthma and other lung disease. But despite of their status, I really admire how they show their deep gratitude and appreciation in the beauty of life. Kids are unbelievably well mannered and respect is something that they can generously offer.
I’ve watched an interview with an Ulingan kid from one of the known documentary show in Philippine TV and can’t help the anguish that tears my heart. Seeing the discomfort living and the scarcity really breaks my heart. I couldn’t imagine why other people living in abundance still would commit suicide while these people works so hard just to survive. Mentioned by the kid Ang gusto ko lang naman po ay makapag-aral at matulungan ang pamilya ko…”, (In English: All I want is to attend school to help my family…). They may have simple dreams but their words are very genuine. It’s an implication of their appreciation in the essence life.

You can Contribute! You can Share! You can Help! With One Heat Philippines (& other affiliated organizations), you can be one of USYOU CAN GIVE LOVE!
SEE YOU THIS DECEMBER 19, 2012, 7:00pm!
Tickets are now available only for 150php, plus free beer
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