Arte Bikolana Accessories

I love accessories. I'm sure you like it too, and you will like it even more when you purchase something that would benefit other people too. How can that be? Well, a certain percentage of their net sales would go to the charity, “One heart Philippines”, a charitable group that helps and bring  joy to the less fortunate people. 

Arte Bikolana, an online shop by an artistic friend of mine, Gracey, sells different kinds of accessories that most women would love. Her shop sells different styles and designs of the latest accessories that you'll surely love with reasonable prices. Their items are more affordable and also have good quality same with other leading brands. Their items had already been shipped abroad too. 

They also created a market for celebrities and it had been featured in a lifestyle Magazine here in the Philippines. Check out their Facebook Page HERE.

Now let me share some of the items I bought from her:

Cocktail Rings – Available in different colors, since I love gold and yellow, I bought this, lovely isn't it?

Rose Set – I also love rose designs and pink colors. It makes me younger and more feminine. it’s perfect for cocktail dresses or even shirts with a touch of pink.

My bestfriend Aiza bought atleast 4 pieces of these bangles… love the combination of colors.

A picture with my bestfriend Aiza, wearing Arte Bikoalana’s bracelet.

Lol! We wore the accessories at work, we also promoted it and have encouraged others to buy some too… haha! 
(Me and my bestfriend feeling like a model… LOL!)

Their items are also perfect give-away for a party… debut, weddings, birthdays, shower parties, etc…

Here's one gift I received from my supervisor with my name.

For more details and photos, just like their page from the link: ARTE BIKOLANA
And for orders, you can contact me via email, or you can send them your personal message via Facebook.


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