Sunday, November 29, 2015

Tying The Knot - Mon&Kim

Seeing one of your bestfriends on her wedding day is priceless. We couldn't help shedding tears of joy as she walk down the aisle to make a vow with the man she truly loves.

Meet the bridesmaids creating too much drama every time someone delivers a touching message to the bride. Are we stealing the scene? Lol! I've never cried on weddings, I think I was just pressured by my peers at that moment. Haha..

But seriously, knowing that another friend is married, pertains to a successful love story. Another happy friend. Things may have changed through the years, but our friendship will always remain. And that's a pinky promise.

Weddings are very inspiring! It's like living in a fairy tale for a while as everyone cries because they're all happy for you. Who's next to say "I DO"? We'll see.

Next post will be about my new travel experience. I can't be more excited! Since I'm getting ready for my upcoming trips, I am also currently eyeing on gorgeous bags from XOXO. Decisions decisions!
Btw, thanks for the view! :)