Monday, September 1, 2014

Baker's Hill Puerto Princesa Palawan

Baker's Hill in Puerto Princesa Palawan is a place where you can buy Palawan's famous delicacies or commonly known as "Pasalubong" in Philippine term. Before we end our Palawan trip and adventure, we dropped by to this place "again" to buy some fresh baked foods and goodies for our friends in Manila. It's hilarious 'coz we already ate some of the goodies that we bought during our City Tour, which was our first day trip when we arrive. The very popular hopia were really delicious and my favorite crinkles were the best. They also have souvenirs available like shirts, accessories, etc..

Sunday, August 31, 2014

My Gladiator Sandals

Being too predictable with the title which I thought would actually be cool for today's post. I'm a huge fan of Roman Gladiators and I love watching Gladiator's combat in different movies. But before anything else, my weekend was a blast and I just can't wait to share it. I know, I'm too hyper lately, I feel like exploding and my friends are just as crazy as I am.

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Semi-Heavy Eye-Makeup Tutorial

Howdy girls? My Sunday is quite not busy right now, so I make it a point to post a makeup tutorial as promised to some ladies asking how I do the makeup eye shadows whenever I apply makeup with my friends. I recently posted in my photoblog (SEE POST HERE) about a make-over I did with my bestfriend who'll be attending a company night out party that same evening. Well, I have my own ways of applying eye shadows and to be honest, I rarely use them. Not that I don't like them, coz I definitely love them, but a simple plain black mascara would actually be enough for my everyday look. 

Monday, August 18, 2014

#R3RUN For Sustainability at the Blue Bay Walk

Running against Global Warming! YES! I'm here to share another awesome run with my other co-runners last August 10,2014 at the Blue Bay Walk (See previous invite post HERE). I love spending weekend with friends while enjoying and sharing our fitness routines together at the same time. I'm lucky to be surrounded by people having same interest as mine. Weekends are worth spending if we spare a little time for fun activities like this. I hope everyone who joined enjoyed the run too as much as we did. 

Monday, August 11, 2014

Makeupsocial - Beauty & Makeup Reviews, Nails & Hair Tips

Are you a makeup lover or a blogger who loves sharing reviews and tutorials about beauty and makeup techniques? Well this post is for you! There's a new iOs App called Makeupsocial  that enables beauty experts like yourself to share and discuss tips about beauty, makeup, product reviews and tutorials that can be very essential for all the lovely ladies in the world. The difference of this app to other social sites like instagram or chictopia, is that this app focuses solely on discussing makeup advice and makeup looks for the whole community. It's always a fun thing exploring different ideas with co-beauty experts. Every beautician or beauty blogger would be a great help for other starters and it would be easier to reach out if we are all working hand in hand in sharing our thoughts and experiences in a single network. 


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